Embracing Absurdity on a Limo Bus

Regardless of the manner in which you have currently chosen to end up living your life, there will come a moment where you would realize just how absurd our universe is. As much as we try to make sense of it, there is no doubt that our universe consists of nothing but pure chaos. There is an order to things of course, things such as gravity impact celestial objects and help us stay on the ground, but there is no meaning to any of it. It’s just forces acting on each other with no purpose and no design, and this realization might leave you feeling a little bit depressed or it could potentially make you feel like everything you are doing is going to matter more to you since you are the only person capable of giving yourself meaning.

Instead of despairing at the thought of the futility of existence, you should embrace its absurdity and look into how it can change your overall day to day routine. Try renting a Henderson limo bus and embracing absurdity as much as you can on it by talking to people about it and realizing that everything they are saying is more the result of social programming rather than anything else.

These kinds of things are what would enable you to truly discover the purpose of your existence. If you happen to realize that there is no purpose, well then this frees you up to live the kind of life that you want to lead rather than living anyone else’s life. The absurdity of the universe is a really good thing since it would remove all of the restrictions from you and allow you to live as you please.