Story Of Mysterious Disappearances Of Young Girls From A City: Forensic

Forensics is the movie which goes in a very serious manner. This movie is all about the serious investigation of the missing girls in the kerala state. This movie gives a great visual treat where it seems very advanced and all the characters have given their best in every scene. This movie is just a must watch for the thriller and suspense movie lovers. You are going to love the twists and turns in the investigation of the missing cases. This movie is just awesome in terms of all technical aspects. Watch thriller movies online and have real fun. Watch Forensic movie online only on Aha.



Forensic is a beautiful movie which goes around the investigation of the missing girls in kerala. So the movie begins with a little boy who goes to the meat shop with his dad and gets excited to see the killing of the animals in the shop, he completely gets registered in his mind and he starts killing the tiny animals and saves them in the glass jars. One day his father sees the craziness of the kid and tries to beat him, the kid gets very psychic and kills his own father with the rope. It looks really weird and disgusting that a kid turns out to be the nastiest and wild person inside out. In Trivandrum girls get continuously missing and police try to get hold of the criminal by using advanced technology. Investigation officer ACP Rithika Xavier takes up the case and tries to fix the pieces of the case with the help of the forensic officer Samuel John Kattookkaaran, who is young, smart and awesome. They both have a common history and they don’t reveal to the world. They take help of the different psychologists and solove the case. Watch the movie to know the techniques used and to know the intentions of the serial killer.

Technical Aspects:

  • This is the movie which has the most advanced technology, this movie gives us the clear reason and examples of how the murder cases are solved in the real.
  • Forensics has the most intense and brave music, they clearly tell us the intensity of the movie which is very understandable. It will give goosebumps while watching and you will enjoy it.
  • Forensic is the best movie you must watch for cinematography, even though the story plays a major role in the thriller movie cinematography is also mporta and this movie has nailed it.
  • This movie has the best and most notivable location, talking of the locations from the crime scene to everything looked very realistic.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Tovino Thomas

Actress: Mamta Mohandas

Other actors: Reba Monika John, ThamannaPramod, Giju John, Anil Murali

Director: Akhil Paul and Anas Khan

Writer: Akhil Paul and Anas Khan

Cinematography: Akhil George

Music Director: James Bejoy

Distributor: Century release

Other Information:

Runtime: 134 minutes

Release date: 28 February 2020

Genre:  Psychological Mystery-Thriller, Investigative.

Watch thriller movies online and have real fun. Watch Forensic movie online only on Aha.