Features of SPA programs

The external attractiveness of a person is directly related to the harmony of his soul and body. In order to be beautiful, it is not enough for a woman to put on cosmetics and put on a fashionable dress. Healthy hair, smooth smooth skin, a toned figure and shining eyes – this is true beauty. And it is quite achievable, even if you are tormented by anxiety and disappointment, you get tired, do not get enough sleep and live in constant stress.

With the help of massage places in Dallas, TX treatments, you can forget about depression and insomnia, flabby skin and circles under the eyes, frequent colds and headaches.

The special atmosphere of the institution is felt from the doorstep, the SPA etiquette is strictly observed at good place. This is quiet relaxing music, unobtrusive aromas of incense and friendly staff who welcome the guest as a close friend. You can spend an hour and a half in the spa or forget about the transience of time for the whole day, enjoying a comprehensive wellness program.

Most of them include various types of massage, and in this sense, spa treatments are close to fitness. For example, two hours of sports massage is more powerful than the same time of yoga or gym exercises. Only you won’t have to sweat: muscles, ligaments and joints are developed by the skillful hands of a massage therapist in an atmosphere of relaxation and peace.

There are no stamps and standards here, the client can undergo one massage session or get advice from a coordinating doctor who will develop a whole program optimized to achieve the best result. You can also come with a company and get a whole range of wellness services.

Despite the name SPA Sanus per aquam- health through water, the programs include a wide variety of procedures that have important features:

  • hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy, phytotherapy, thermotherapy and other sessions are carried out using only pure sea or mineral water, natural mud, algae and herbs;
  • oils, creams and other products for masks, massage or body wraps do not contain any chemical components;
  • any type of massage, for example, oriental, European, Russian, is carried out exclusively by certified specialists who have permission for specialized work in spa salons.